About Us

Welcome to Sam's Chewables

Hello, I'm Samantha Briggs, the proud owner and driving force behind Sam's Chewables. As a wife and the loving mother of two incredible children, Peter and Cecilia, embarking on a journey as a business owner wasn't something I'd ever imagined. If you had asked me in the past if I would run my own business, I'd have probably chuckled and questioned, "Doing what?"

My venture into the world of crafting teething and sensory items began when my son, Peter, was around 6 months old. I found myself in need of a solution to keep him from constantly tugging at my hair and glasses. After extensive research, I stumbled upon a Canadian supplier offering food-grade silicone beads. That's when I decided to create necklaces I could wear to divert his attention. What started as a personal fix soon caught the eye of friends and family, who were eager for me to make some for them. And just like that, Sam's Chewables came to life.

The journey of Sam's Chewables has exceeded my wildest expectations. It not only allows me to stay home with my precious kids but also empowers me to contribute to our family's income. It has nurtured within me a deep appreciation for supporting small businesses and shopping locally. Most importantly, it has enabled me to connect with numerous incredible people and forge lasting friendships.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for joining me on this remarkable adventure and for giving me the privilege of crafting beautiful, handmade items for both you and your little one. Your support means the world to me, and I can't wait to continue sharing my creations with you.