About Us

Welcome to Sam's Chewable’s

I am Samantha Briggs, owner and operator of Sam’s Chewable’s. I am a wife, and mother to two amazing children, Peter and Cecilia. If you ever asked me if I was going to own my own business the answer would have been no and I probably would have laughed at you and said “yeah right doing what?”


When Peter was about 6 months old I was desperate for something to help stop him from contently grabbing at my hair and glasses. After doing lots of research I discovered a Canadian supplier for food grade silicone beads, and decided to make some necklaces I could wear as a distraction. Friends and family loved the idea and soon were asking if I could make some for them. From there Sam’s Chewable’s was born.


Sam’s Chewable’s has grown into something I never thought it would be. It allows me to stay at home with my kids but still be able to contribute to our family income. It has allowed me to have a HUGE appreciation for supporting small shops and shopping local. It has allowed me to meet many people and make some amazing new friendships.
Thank you for supporting me on this wild adventure, and allowing me to make some beautiful handmade items for you and your little one.