Peach Feather Nursing Necklace

Peach Feather Nursing Necklace

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Beautiful meet functional. This gorgeous necklaces are perfect for teething and nursing babies to play with as they snuggle close to mom.

Designed with mom's in mind these teething/nursing necklaces are meant for everyday wear.They are super lightweight with the beads only placed were you need them (in the front where baby can grab and chew) instead of all the way around which can cause them to catch and pull your hair!

Strung on a super soft silk cord with a smooth lightweight breakaway clasp for safety!

Enjoy wearing this all day long while your baby chews and gets relief from sore teething gums!

Each necklace measures approx 32-34" long. Perfect length for babies to be able to grab and bring to there mouth without you having to strain your neck along the way.